The Wandering Jeweler

My Story So Far…

travel worldwide and have done since my first trip to India where I turned 30. I was ‘chasing God’, exploring both Hinduism & Buddhism. After immersing myself in Hinduism and learning meditation as the Buddha taught, I followed my passion for stones and started chasing gems.

Having a backpack full of stones I traded my way through South East Asia hopping borders and trading semi precious gemstones, in search of precious red rocks and color stones, funds from which paved the way along my route to Indonesia. 

Bali captivated me in light of my alignment with Hindu Buddhism and before I knew it I was calling it home.

These days the travel bug is alive and thriving, having almost completely taken over it’s host. Latter day travels I’m venturing into that other mysterious continent, South America, chasing Spirit – exploring shamanism & the spirit molecule in ceremonies with my teacher, Don Francisco, in Peru.

So is it any wonder that my jewelry passion is expressed in this line of interesting molecules that we find in the healing & teacher plants and that I embellish the models with gems?