Molecular Jewelry Wholesale

I offer my complete range of molecule inspired jewelry at wholesale

Interested in becoming a retail distributor of Molecular Jewelry?


Try the ‘Gateway Collection’, a full range of earring and necklace sets consisting of each of our molecules.

LSD   THC   CBD   DMT   MDMA   Serotonin   Dopamine   NorAdrenaline
Mescaline   Psilocin   Bufotenin   Caffeine   Harmine   Harmaline

Sign up for updates to be notified of new collections as we develop them. Be first to market. Launching in first quarter of 2017. Molecular jewelry can be fabricated with different metals, finishes & price points.


Look out for me at:

Psychedelic Science 2017 MAPS Conference

April 2017

Oregon Eclipse Festival

17th – 23rd August

Denver Colliseum Show

9th – 17th September